Limited Editions of America
Kentucky Treasures
Mat Openings (Top to bottom, left to Right)
  • Metal Plate with state nickname     
    "The Bluegrass State"
  • "Kentucky Treasures"
  • State flag
  • Front of Quarter
  • Metal Nameplate
  • Back of Kentucky Quarter
  • State Seal
  • "Kentucky Treasures" is a
    signed and numbered
    lithograph printed on
    premium acid paper.
  • Painted by celebrated artist,
    Michael Sloan
  • Edition size limited to 1,792    
    (Year Kentucky became a
  • Double Matted as shown
    (other mat colors available).
  • The base wood of the frame
    is the State Tree, Poplar,
    stained in a red mahogany.
  • Overall Dimensions; 27 in. By
    33 in.
Documents included
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Biography of Artist
  • Fact Sheet on State Symbols
  • Initial sketch of "Kentucky Treasures"
  • Post card of "Kentucky Treasures"
This best describes Kentucky Treasurers", created by renowned artist Michael Sloan.  This
Painting was created to represent The Great State of Kentucky.  "Kentucky Treasures" reveals
the rich, natural and historical heritage of the States most recognized symbols.  From the
majestic Switzer Covered Bridge to the brilliant beauty of the Cardinal Bird, "Kentucky Treasures"
is a visual walk through nature and history.  Whether acquiring this exciting new word of art for
your family, office , or as an educational tool for the classroom, "Kentucky Treasures" will
become your very own treasure.
We are currently working with the Kentucky State Legislative Body,  with Senator Joey Pendleton
as our main sponsor, to make "Kentucky Treasures" the Official Picture of The  Great State of
Available now in a Premiere Limited Edition of 1,792 ( the year Kentucky became a
Commonwealth).  Each print is personally signed by the artist and available professionally matted
and framed with the State Seal, State Flag, State Nickname, State Quarter, Name Plate.  The base
wood of the frame is 'Poplar', the State Tree, and stained in a red mahogany.
" A picturesque work of art with
significant educational content..."
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